Science for a Better World

Science for a Better World

I make videos about science and about the environment. I think that in order to take on big issues like Climate Change the world needs to be more science literate. That’s why I do things like seal myself in a DIY bio-dome to talk about how we interact with the atmosphere, or measure the earth with just my bike and two sticks.

I’m a zero-waste vegan striving to have a low carbon footprint and lead by example. I also don’t have YouTube ads enabled on my channel so that I don’t promote products that I don’t ethically align with.


“This is great science communication. Truly fun, thrilling, and also visceral.”

/  Adam Savage  /


“There are a lot of powerful ways to raise awareness about climate change, but sealing yourself in a tiny plastic-wrapped biodome gets extra points for creativity.”

/  Vice  /